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May 2 '12

My POI day report (overall, spoiler-free ver.)

Whoa. Just whoa. Where do I begin. The beginning, I guess.


After I took less than three minutes to decide that I’d ditch work and dedicate the whole day to POI, I rather swiftly gathered all the things I thought I should bring along and put them in my backpack (when I use the backpack you know I’m serious about things and am ready for action) and out I went.

By the time I got to the Grove it was only a little after 10. One of the hosts from Extra (Mario?) was doing some sound bites stuff with a small crowd, other than that nothing much was happening. I talk to one of the crew members and was told that Michael Ealy was going to be the first one to be interviewed, then Jim.

A little after 1, Ealy arrives. Then jjlowe58 also arrives with her friend in tow from San Diego. In 20 minutes or so, Ealy leaves, and the crew start PACKING UP. I go over to ask them WHERE THE HELL IS JIM AND MICHAEL, only sans the shouting, and was told that Jim’s going be there, just not out in the open like Ealy; it’s going to be on the balcony of a nearby restaurant. No idea about Michael. Slight panic. We go eat and strategize.

Mean times, another girl (Elsie) from Vancouver arrives. AND OH LOOK WE ARE ALL CHINESE FEMALES

Around 2:20 we go back to the area and hang out below the balcony sitting on the ledge of the fountain cameras in hand looking wildly stalker-y. We wait.

We wait.

3:35, jjlowe58 Jenny says rather nonchalantly, “Oh hey, IS THAT MICHAEL EMERSON.” I whip my head around and see an endearing gentleman A WALKING MASS OF ADORABLENESS walk into the (empty) restaurant. Silent flailing.

See Michael on the balcony. Less silent flailing.

Michael turns, sees us and smiles. Major flail. (Jenny has the smiling photos. Also he did his signature laugh asdfghjk.)

3:38, Jim bypasses the ground and just shows up on the balcony.

They get powdered up, talk to the host. BACKS TO US THE WHOLE TIME. We talk silly and continue to flail nonetheless. Consider calling out their names so they would turn around, decide against it. Too undignified. We are all dignified fans here dammit.

End of interview. Host points to us, they turn around. And smile. And wave.


Michael exits the same way he entered (we see him); so does Jim (not a fucking peep).

Heads straight for Paley.


We find parking, we go wait by the entrance more sitting on ledge of fountain what is with LA and fountains. A really cute and sweet and quiet girl who was there before us asks Jenny, shyly, “Are you Jenny on Tumblr?” ONE MORE CHINESE FEMALE IRRELEVANT. FOUND (also named Jenny). We chat and goof. Then again, Jenny nonchalants, “Hey is that Michael—”

Michael arrives.

Kevin arrives.

Jonah and Greg arrive.

Jim already inside. fucking stealthy batman

We go in.

Jenny, her friend, Elsie, and the other Jenny go to the close circuit room; I go upstairs to the theater because i’m fucking boss like that. I talk to the man at the door to see if there’s any chance of allowing them to come upstairs. No luck.

I sit and chat with two ladies sitting behind me about Reese and Finch and Carter. Amaze them with my vast knowledge on all things POI.

Lights go dim, screen shows commercial for the center, JC, ME, JN, GP sneak in.





*OMG nooooooo*

*Shit shit shit*

With thundering applause, lights go up, panel session starts.

They talk about the inception of the series, shooting in NYC, all that stuff. Everyone is funny and charming and WONDERFUL and I’m DYING because how am I supposed to deal with this and I CAN’T.

Q&A starts. I ASK QUESTION. full detail will come later it’s recorded.

End of panel. We bustle and hustle and get our autographs and photos or not D’8.

They make their exits. We go down to the lobby, gather around and converse and DIE.

Security kick us out nicely. We hug and say goodbye.


Now gonna go read everything you guys posted today.

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