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until Person of Interest Season 2 premier!
May 2 '12

Jenny will have her nice photos up tomorrow meanwhile let me hold you over with my crappy ones

At the start of the panel, JC’s face basically was like this:

And I felt like saying, “JIM, COME BACK TO US, COME BAAACK.”

But he did soon warm up and was cute and hilarious (I have a clip which I will upload at the soonest opportunity).

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  4. lenoraliccioli said: I think he looks serious because he just really concentrates on what is being said or asked. I’ve seen interviews where he looks very serious and then becomes more animated when he responds to a question/comment.
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    Thanks for adding these! JC looks so serious a lot of times, but maybe that’s his normal face? lol. Glad he started...
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    LOL, totally true… hey! This won’t be the last Paleyfest they’ll do (hopefully)! We’ll coordinate better next time (and...
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    Ah, well. We were inexperienced and rather DISTRACTED to strategize like that.
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