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until Person of Interest Season 2 premier!
May 2 '12

More details on the Paley panel session (no spoilers)

As I said in my overall report, they talked about the usual stuff such as the conception of the series, being cast in respective roles, and filming in NYC. I understand that a lot of it has been tweeted (though I haven’t read them), so I’m just going to put down some of the things that I personally found funny/interesting.

  • Jonah said that in one script it called for a scene on the Hudson River. Later they realized that by the time they started shooting it the Hudson would have been frozen and they’d need a ice breaker to break it up. They were still like “Well we could still do it…” but the location manager/whoever in charge of this sort of things was like “LOL. NO.” xD
  • During the time they were shooting the pilot, one day Michael and Jim crossed the street from the set (to where the cars were park I assume) and Michael was stopped by this one guy who was a LOST fan. Perhaps he went on for a bit too long or M and J was tired, but Jim who was still in his bum get-up and fake beard whispered (at least that’s how he did it last night) to him something to the effect of “IT’S TIME FOR YOU TO GO.” The look on the guy’s face, per Michael, was as if he was thinking “Michael Emerson goes around with a homeless person as his bodyguard!?” Everybody laughed SO HARD.
  • I noticed that Jonah did a lot of facepalming when Michael was answering questions about Finch. The one that I remember was [How is Finch different from the other characters that you’ve portrayed] and Michael said that they can’t all be entirely different and that he often is the “bearer of the exposition.” At which point, Jonah covered his face and was like “Omggg.” obviously, Michael was in no way criticizing the writers’ writing, but I think it shows how very involved Jonah is in the writing process of the show and I like that a lot.
  • In contrast to Michael’s refreshing and endearing candidness, Jim was, in my friend’s words, “painfully aware of all the writers (that was one more thing that was really cool about last night—every writer of the show other than Patrick Harbinson and maybe one other person was there).” He took care not to spoil anything or reveal what scenes he likes better than others. 
  • One audience member said that he was very funny and he got extra cute, telling us all to keep it a secret because if the word got out, other producers would flock to offer him comedy roles and “these two [gestures toward Jonah and Greg]” wouldn’t be too happy. I have video of this. It’s short and so-so quality, but I will upload it later today.
  • Other have already mentioned this but it’s too cute I have to put it here. Someone asked Jim and Michael about what they’d thought of the other, Jim said that when they first met, Michael had a limp. Later when Michael went over to Jim’s place for dinner (not sure of this part) he no longer had the limp so he thought, Jim joked, that his “Jesus power” had worked on Michael. Everybody laughed.
  • Chappy mentioned the old lady who elbowed him while he was shooting a scene with Jim AGAIN. That must have really made an impression on him xD In addition, at the end of them answering my question, after Michael deadpanned that Fusco was “sometimes useful” Kevin exclaims, “See what I have to deal with??” He was great.
  • The host mentioned Elias Enrico Colantoni and how fantastic he was, and asked whether he would be back in the next season. Everybody agreed on the first point and heehawed on the second. xD
  • All of them with the exception of Jim appeared quite relaxed. Jim was well, Jim. Lol. Had his moments of unease/shyness/spacing-out at the beginning, grew animated and funny (he did voice and faces and stuff), then back to shy while signing autographs and having photos taken. But I noticed that he made the effort of going back to the inside (left) of the stage to sign for more people when he could have easily gone with the flow and made the exit. As to me, he signed my book right on the cover, not seeming to realize what book it was. But when I asked him to sign one more time on the back (because the cover is glossy and the marker might come off), he did it very obediently. Lol. 
  • Meanwhile, Michael was being utterly adorable with the fans. When he saw my book he said, “Whoa!” and stared a little, moved to sign but hesitated and asked me, “Do you really want me to sign on the cover?” I told him he could sign on the back page and he did so cheerfully. I ADORE HIM LIKE THERE’S NO TOMORROW GUISE.
  • Oh and while an older lady was having trouble getting a photo of her friend with Jim, Kevin “intervened” and took the camera from her saying, “Let me help you out.” SUCH A GREAT GUY. 

That’s all I could remember right now. If anything else surfaces later I’ll add to this. I LOVE ALL OF THEM SO MUCH I CONSTANTLY WANT TO WEEP.

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